UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus

Choice Plus offers the same key benefits as Choice, including providing members with access to an expansive network of providers. The primary difference between the two plans is that Choice Plus offers members a level of benefits should they choose to seek care outside the network normally at a higher coinsurance, and/or deductible level. Like Choice, Choice Plus does not require members to designate a “primary care physician” to coordinate care, nor are specialist referrals required for eligible services. 

Added Features

  • Access to UnitedHealthcare Care CoordinationSM services
  • Access to UnitedHealthcare’s Web site myuhc.com®
  • The freedom to choose any doctor for health care needs. No referrals needed. 
  • Cost savings by using a network physician
  • It is the network physician’s responsibility to obtain approvals and submit claims for network services only.
  • If a non-network physician is chosen, out-of-pocket costs may be higher and it is the member’s responsibility to obtain approvals and submit claims.
  • Benefits designs included co-insurance options

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