Social Responsibility

Helping America get healthy is our social responsibility. Obesity is an epidemic in our country affecting both children and adults. Chronic diseases such as diabetes or pre-diabetes are a growing problem worldwide. Too many health care resources are directed toward treating illnesses and diseases that could be prevented with early detection, wellness programs and lifestyle changes.

UnitedHealthcare believes these outcomes can be improved. We have programs to support our efforts to help Americans get healthy, learn about prevention and early detection, and serve the underprivileged in our nation. Some of these programs include:

America's Health Rankings – The website gives a state-by-state analysis of the nation's health and well-being. The rankings encourage and support improvements in individual and community health decision-making across America.

UnitedHealth HEROESSM – Fighting childhood obesity by encouraging children to design their own programs for healthy eating and increased exercise among their peers.

Community Health Centers of Excellence – A United Health Foundation effort to help improve health outcomes in some of the poorest, underserved communities in the United States.

Employee Volunteerism – Every day UnitedHealth Group employees are seeking out new and innovative ways to help people get healthy and stay healthy. We are forming alliances with medical societies, research institutions, nonprofit organizations, government agencies and others who share our concerns and our goals.

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