How to Sell Specialty Benefits Solutions (SBS)

Requesting a Quote
Underwriting Guidelines
Enrolling a New Group
Eligibility Adjustments
Becoming an SBS Broker
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Specialty Benefit Solutions (SBS) plans provide access to a unique package of benefits, including health support and discount programs, as well as fully insured products.

With three different plans to choose from, composed of five valuable benefits, plus two funding levels, you have a set of robust benefit packages to offer your clients to suit their varying needs.

Plus, with three buy-up options for dental in the Preferred and Elite plans, your client can have the flexibility to offer Orthodontia coverage for children, increase the annual maximum, and/or waive the traditional waiting period.*

SBS's plans are offered at guaranteed two-year rates**, and product pricing is based on the number of enrolled employees in the following bands: 2-4, 5-9 and 10+ lives.

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Requesting a quote

Obtaining a quote for an SBS package is quick and easy. In fact, brokers can receive an instant online rate quote by clicking here.
By entering the following information, rates will be quoted for all SBS plans:

  • Number of employees by tier
  • ZIP code for the group billing situs
  • Effective date
  • Standard Industry Code (SIC)

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Underwriting guidelines***

  • Effective date of coverage and renewals can only be on the first of the month.
  • Orthodontia benefits are only available for groups with 10 or more enrolled.
  • Employees must actively work at least 30 hours per week on a full-time basis to be eligible for this plan.
  • Eligible dependents include spouse and any children from birth through age 26.
  • View our complete SBS Underwriting Guidelines.

Contributory Plan Designs

  • Employers must contribute at least 50 percent toward the employee premium.
  • Groups must have at least 75 percent of the active eligible employees enrolled, excluding valid waivers, not to fall below 50 percent of all eligible employees.
  • If the employer pays 100% of the premium, 100% of eligible employees must participate except for those with valid waivers.

Voluntary Plan Designs

  • Employees must contribute at least 51 percent toward the premium.
  • Minimum of two eligible employees must enroll.

*Paid Waiting period waiver available on contributory plans only
**Two-year rate guarantees not available in NY
***Underwriting guidelines may vary based on state-specific requirements

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Enrolling a new group

Enrolling a new group is quick and easy. Specialty Benefit Solutions (SBS) plans utilize a convenient online group application process allowing for quick production of the appropriate group forms for SBS.

Once you have selected the link "Step 2 Online Group Application:"

  • Enter the same data elements used to obtain a quote;
  • Next to the group's chosen plan, click the "Online Application" button;
  • Review the confirmation page that automatically appears. If everything appears to be correct, select "Proceed to Application", otherwise select "Return to Quote" and make corrections.
  • Once you "Proceed to Application" complete the online application form. Fill out all the information you have, there are some required data elements. Any answers left blank will need to be completed after the hard copy is printed.
  • Once the application form is completed, select "Create Online Application Packet". The Online Application Packet includes instructions and mailing address, a confirmation page to be retained by the customer, the employer applications prefilled from the online application form, a blank member enrollment form, and a Group Installation Worksheet to include in your submission.

Once the forms are presented online for printing, the following items must be submitted:

  • Signed Group Application forms for the applicable package. (Separate forms for Dental/Vision and Life/AD&D insurance may be required).
  • A completed and signed UnitedHealthcare Dental and Vision Member Enrollment form for each employee or a completed Member Enrollment Spreadsheet.
  • A binder check equal to one month's premium made payable to Specialty Benefit Solutions.
  • A copy of the quote or installation sheet that prints from the online enrollment.
  • A Wage and Tax Statement or current payroll information or a recent prior carrier bill (medical or ancillary).1
  • If the group had prior dental coverage through another carrier, a copy of the group's current summary of benefits and recent bills or renewal notice demonstrating 12 months of coverage.2

If you are unable to use the online application process, a paper application process is available. Look in the right column under Broker Resources for the SBS Group Enrollment Checklist. Instructions are listed within the checklist.

1A Wage and Tax Statement will not be required if the employer group has UnitedHealthcare medical coverage.
2Demonstration of coverage for New York is 6 months.

Submissions should be mailed to:
Specialty Benefit Solutions
12 Christopher Way, Suite 104
Eatontown, NJ 07724

Or email to

Once the group is enrolled in an SBS plan, group Welcome materials will be mailed to the employer. The member materials will include a SBS Member Welcome Brochure and a SBS Member ID card.

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Eligibility Adjustments

Eligibility adjustment requests (including terminations) can be made via the Online Member Maintenance Tool (see button in the upper right column of this page), emailed to, faxed to 732-676-2655 or submitted to:

Specialty Benefit Solutions
PO Box 67
West Long Branch, NJ 07764

New member additions require a signed member enrollment form unless transaction is processed via Online Member Maintenance. If new additions are made via Online Member Maintenance, then the signed enrollment form is to be retained by the employer. Online Member Maintenance also provides the ability to produce Member and Subscriber Listing reports.

Changes to members made to your UHC medical plan do not transfer to SBS; they must be submitted directly to Specialty Benefit Solutions.

Note: All requests for additions and terminations of eligibility must be submitted within 60 days of the effective date.

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Becoming an SBS Broker

All brokers must be appointed by United HealthCare Insurance Company to sell the SBS prepackaged benefit plans, which offer insured products as part of the benefit options. Brokers interested in becoming appointed should follow the Producer Appointment Instructions found in Broker Resources or email your question to

Please Note: Certain SBS plans in Florida require additional appointment to Solstice, Inc. Please contact your UnitedHealthcare Specialty Benefits Sales Executive.

All completed forms should be mailed or faxed to the UnitedHealthcare address listed below or emailed to

UnitedHealthcare Producer Credentialing
400 Capital Blvd Fl 2
Rocky Hill, CT 06067-3576
Fax: (860) 221-0069

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On behalf of United HealthCare Insurance Company and its affiliates, a flat commission rate of 10 percent will be paid to the broker for all SBS plans.
Brokers who are not appointed by United HealthCare Insurance Company or its affiliates will not receive commissions. Commissions are based on paid premiums and are distributed on a monthly basis and remain in effect for as long as the group pays its product fees through SBS, as states allow. Commissions are paid no later than the 15th of the month following services rendered.

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Customer Service

SBS Group Services
8 am - 8 pm Eastern

SBS Member Services
7 am - 10 pm Central

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