How to get SBS renewal rates or make changes to a plan

  • Renewal Rates will be available 60 days prior to renewal date.
  • Renewal letters with current rates and renewal rates are mailed out:
    • 1st to the General Agent, if applicable
    • 2nd to the Broker
    • 3rd to the Group
  • Groups are automatically renewed with the current plan design.
  • Producers/Group Administrators can call group services to get quotes for alternative renewal plan options.
  • Plan changes or termination requests are accepted ONLY up to 60 days after the renewal date.
  • If there are plan changes at renewal, new ID cards, policy and Certificate of Coverage (COC) documents will be sent to the group.
  • Renewal rates are not available via online rate quoting; only new business rates are available online.
  • If a group terminates and subsequently seeks to reinstate coverage within six months of the termination date, they will be reinstated at the renewal rates previously communicated, adjusted as necessary for plan changes.

Key Contacts

  • SBS Group Service is your key contact for generating renewal options and making changes at renewal.
  • You can reach Group Service one of two ways: