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Empowering members by surrounding them with information, resources and support so they can make better decisions that may lead to better outcomes.

A better approach for better health

Bridge2Health is our integrated approach to employee benefits. We go far beyond a focus on single benefit offerings — we take a broad view, using the power of information to help our members achieve better health overall.

When your employees stay healthy, your business can, too — with lower costs, less absenteeism and greater productivity.

The Bridge2Health difference

Holistic: Our whole-person approach focuses on educating members so they can make better lifestyle choices.

Data driven: Much more than just medical benefits, we provide dental, vision, critical illness and disability benefits. Because of that we gain visibility into a member’s complete health care picture – and that provides a better understanding of member’s health status and needs.

Proactive: Better information lets us reach out to at-risk members with early interventions that address health issues before they become expensive and difficult to treat.

Comprehensive: We support members across the entire health continuum - from preventive benefits to keep them healthy to coordinated care and support if they become critically ill.

Seeing the Big Picture

Did you know that:

  • Three out of ten employees will experience a disability before they retire?
  • Healthcare is the most expensive benefit paid by U.S. employers, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce?
  • Health care costs will be impacted exponentially by health risks and chronic illnesses associated with an aging workforce?

As a provider of comprehensive health benefits — including medical, dental, vision and disability — we have data across a full range of benefits. This enables us to make important connections and reach out to at-risk individuals with interventions that can help your employees enjoy better health and wellness — and save you money.