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A better approach to employee health

The eyes offer an unobstructed, non-invasive view of the blood vessels. That means a comprehensive eye exam reveals information about a patient's overall health, as well as their vision. By making these connections, our Bridge2Health Integrated Vision approach has several key advantages over health and wellness programs offered by other major vision plans. Best of all, the program is offered to our clients at no additional cost.

Eyes - a window to health

The eyes function as a window into the body. During an annual exam, eye doctors can identify early warning signs of chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension and even high cholesterol.

Seeing the Big Picture

Did you know that:

  • An eye exam can provide early warning signs of six chronic conditions (diabetes1, hypertension2, high cholesterol3 and vascular disease4) that may affect up to 28% of your employees?
  • Changes in the retina’s blood vessels can be an early sign of diabetes?
  • Our reminder phone calls have been shown to improve exam adherence by 50% vs. 3% for postcard programs.5

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J.D. Power 2013 Vision Plan Satisfaction ReportSM
Report based on responses from 3,015 consumers measuring four vision plans and measures opinions of consumers with verified vision plans. Proprietary study results are based on experiences and perceptions of consumers surveyed August 2013. Your experiences may vary. Visit


Clinical Studies:

Vision Health and Wellness Education Materials

  • Videos – Watch short videos about diabetes, preventive care, computer vision syndrome, and children’s eye health.
  • Fliers – Find a library of educational materials on everything from eye diseases to 3D viewing.
  • – "Ask the Expert" Linda Chous, O.D. answers viewer questions.
  • Blogs – Dr. Chous blogs on popular eye health topics.
  • Toolkit – Resource Guide to Eye Health and Wellness with links including a monthly Health Observance Calendar.

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