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ARTICLE Gateway PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) Dental Plan


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A cost-saving plan design

For fully insured groups of 2 or more. Self-funded options for larger groups.


View the Gateway PPO dental brochure (PDF).


With the Gateway PPO plan, you have a choice of some of the biggest networks in the country. We'll help you combine the right network with the right plan design to provide your employees with important oral health benefits and you with savings.


Your employees have the freedom to see any dentist or specialist in or outside the network, but when they choose a network dentist, they'll enjoy the significant lower rates we've negotiated with our providers.


What's more, the Gateway PPO plan offers rates that can be up to 15 percent lower than a traditional PPO. To achieve these lower costs, the Gateway PPO plan shifts some higher-cost procedures to a different level of coverage.


You can tailor the way you fund your plan, choosing the contribution level that best meets your needs.


Preventive care is covered at little or no cost to your employees. A broad range of additional services is also covered. Coverage levels vary based on your specific plan,


Gateway PPO plans come with some wellness benefits at no extra charge: