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ARTICLE How to Promote Oral Health


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Learn how to promote oral health

Our plans are designed to promote oral health and therefore impact overall health, but we take it further. We provide you with a vast array of educational materials to promote oral health with your employees from videos to brochures you can download anytime. You can count on us to partner with you to make sure your employees know how to take care of their smiles.


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Dental Sealants
Gum Disease
Oral Health and Diabetes
Oral Health and Nutrition
Oral Health During Pregnancy
Oral Health in Adolescents
Oral Health in Children
Oral health and overall health
Caring for teeth and gums
Children's oral health
Baby's oral health
Osteoporosis and oral health
Tobacco and oral health


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Dental Newsletter:

Dental Newsletter


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General Wellness


Pregnancy Complications

Early Childhood Caries (ECC)


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Proper brushing
How to floss
Choosing toothpaste
What to expect at dental cleaning appointment
Fear of the dentist
Treating gum disease
Whitening your teeth
Gum disease and heart disease
Preventing bad breath
Toothbrushes – electic or manual?
Teeth grinding
Sensitive teeth
Sudden increase in tooth decay
Dental X-rays
What is gingivitis
Dementia patients and oral care
Implants vs. dentures
Bleeding gums


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