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The clear choice in vision benefits.

The UnitedHealthcare Vision program offers excellent eye care benefits.

Our benefits include:

  • Coverage on most vision expenses
    We cover annual eye exams, glasses and frames completely. We also cover select contact lenses (others are available with copayment). In addition, members receive discounts on laser eye surgery.
  • Paperwork-free vision benefits
    Members may schedule appointments and purchase glasses or frames without having to show claim forms or ID cards.
  • Frame allowance
    Members receive a generous allowance which applies to frames purchased at vision network providers.
  • Standard scratch-resistant coating
    We cover scratch-resistant lens coating in full for every pair of glasses purchased through a network provider.
  • Optional covered-in-full contact lens benefit
    We cover select contact lens purchases in full, including initial fitting evaluation and up to two follow-up visits. We also offer allowances for contacts not included in the covered-in-full selection.
  • Expansive national network
    Choose from over 50,000 network providers, including both private practice and retail chain locations.

Give your employees the most appropriate options and benefits available in eye care with UnitedHealthcare Vision.

Vision newsletter

Vision Newsletter

Distribute the newsletter to your employees to create awareness of the importance of having an annual eye exam for children. View and download a sample newsletter (PDF).

Integrated Eye Care

Vision benefits are positively impacting the costs of diabetes and hypertension. Learn more on how to maximize the value of vision care benefits.

Learn how to promote eye health with your employees.

Learn more about eye health by watching these videos:

Eye Health Issues - Preventive Care

Eye Health Issues – Preventive Care

You can have perfect vision and still have problems with your eyes. A comprehensive eye exam can uncover and diagnose potential problems. Watch video

When Should Children Have Eyes Examined?

When Should Children Have Eyes Examined?

There are a lot of different ways to check preschoolers' eyes. When problems are detected early, they can be treated more effectively. Watch video

Eye Health and Diabetes

Eye Health and Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that affects the blood vessels, and the blood vessels in the eye are no exception. Watch video

Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer Vision Syndrome

An estimated 88 percent of people that work on computers will have a problem associated with CVS, including eye strain and headaches. Watch video


Bridge2Health, our integrated approach to employee benefits, allows us to leverage a wide range of data to identify and then reach out to at-risk members with education, programs and services that help them achieve the best health possible. When employees are healthy, your business can be, too, with lower costs, reduced absenteeism and greater productivity.


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