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ARTICLE Retiree / Direct Billing

Retiree / Direct Billing services are available to employers who provide health care benefits to their retirees and dependents but require them to pay a portion of the cost or to participants on FMLA, long term disability or any other program where the participant is required to pay all or a portion of the cost of any benefit. Record keeping and premium collection associated with retiree / direct benefit administration is often time-consuming and cumbersome for employers.

UnitedHealthcare has automated systems that can provide this administrative function efficiently, accurately and affordably.

Proven Processes


  • Comprehensive communication materials to notify retirees of UnitedHealthcare's role
  • Complimentary distribution of payment coupons
  • Monthly premium collection done systematically to verify accuracy, if shortage/insufficient funds surface, payments top immediately
  • Optional monthly premium withdrawal (ACH) from participant's checking or savings account at no extra charge
  • Prompt delivery of a monthly consolidated check

Employer Reports

  • Payment status of enrolled retirees
  • Summary listing of coverage terminations
  • Disbursement listing of carriers, coverages, participants, and premium amounts

Data Management with data archival going back at least 7 years.

Customer Service provided toll-free support through our Customer Care Center.