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Health care isn’t just a 9-to-5 job.

The health care needs of your employees don’t begin and end with the work day. Neither should member benefits. Our skilled Care24® nurses offer round-the-clock information and resources to help employees manage complex, time-consuming health conditions and treatments.


Your employees can call Care24 at 1-888-887-4114 to:

  • Get treatment decision support
    Your employees receive accurate information about their conditions and doctor-recommended treatment options.
  • Find the right doctor
    We’ll help your employees identify doctors with a strong history of medical testing, diagnosis, treatment, medications and followup care for their condition.
  • Arrange appointment scheduling
    Your employees save time and avoid hassles when Care24 arranges doctor appointments and assists with coordinating medical records.
  • Access health coaching
    Registered nurses help employees understand medication interactions, learn self-care techniques or connect with outside resources for their conditions.
  • Receive emotional support
    Trained specialists help employees manage stress, anxiety, depression, grief and more.

We’ll be there to help your employees manage through health care challenges when they need it most.



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