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ARTICLE Online Enrollment

Simpler, Easier, Better®
Enrolling online makes benefit administration easier for employees and faster and more efficient for you with easy data collection and management of all your carriers in one spot. Online enrollment with UnitedHealthcare eliminates the hassles of paperwork, saving you valuable time.

  • Streamline your employee's benefit enrollment process regardless of how many carriers your company offers
  • Support annual enrollment as well as year-round benefit administration changes, including life events, new hires, and work status changes across all employee groups
  • All the plan and enrollment information your employees need is online; it's consistent and comprehensive, so you spend less time answering basic questions
  • Seamless electronic data integration with your carriers, vendors, and HR/payroll systems
  • Dedicated OnlinEnroll Account Manager for implementation and year-round service

One central source for your employees
OnlinEnroll allows employees to view personalized benefit options - improving communication and fostering a greater understanding of the value of their benefit packages.


The secure, easy-to-use system guides employees through their open enrollment, new hire, and life event selections.


UnitedHealthcare's OnlinEnroll provides everything your employees need to make the best choices for their health care coverage, including:

  • Access to benefit summaries, plan documents and links to physician directories
  • Side by side dynamic plan comparisons
  • Personalized content and decision support tools
  • Benefit confirmation statements for your employees to review, download, or print
  • Complete and submit forms online
  • Upload supporting documents for dependent eligibility verification
  • Review and update personal information for themselves and their dependents

Making it easier for your benefit administrators
This simple yet powerful tool allows your benefit administrators to work smarter, not harder. OnlinEnroll can be accessed any time of day giving your administrators freedom to manage their time wisely.

    It's convenient - Real time access to view or edit all of your employees' benefit, demographic, and dependent data

    It's accurate - Rules-based electronic enrollment wizard eliminates duplicate, missing, or incomplete data

    It's efficient - Easy access to common administrator tasks with one mouse click

    It's informative - Standard and customizable dynamic reporting to monitor your employees' information, elections and enrollment activity

    It's centralized - View and manage all your carriers' enrollment information on one site

    It's simple - Streamlined processing of your benefit administration activities such as managing enrollment elections, tracking evidence of insurability, dependent audits and much more.

OnlinEnroll is your perfect year-round solution
Empower your employees with the online tools they need to understand and manage their benefits not only during Open Enrollment, but year round.


Centralize, streamline, and simplify the management of your employee benefit enrollment process, saving you valuable time while improving the accuracy of data; allowing your HR team to concentrate on other initiatives.


With our wide variety of services, ranging from our robust reporting tool to customized communications to your employees, OnlinEnroll can be your solution for your benefit administration needs. Contact your UnitedHealthcare sales representative for more information.