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ARTICLE Why Health Care Benefits are Important to Your Business

Gold Piggy Bank

Invest in health insurance and you can build a stronger, healthier bottom line.

Healthy employees can mean a healthier, happier, more productive workplace. Invest in health insurance for your employees and you can reap the rewards in the long run.

Company health benefits can help you:

  • Recruit and retain quality employees
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Improve employee satisfaction
  • Reduce absenteeism1

Poor employee health costs you more than you might think. For example, one study indicated that the loss of productivity from presenteeism (coming to work sick) was four times greater than the medical or pharmacy costs associated with the illness.2

The good news is that employees want to be, and in many cases already are, responsible for their health. And you can help by offering incentives for doing so.

Here's how we can help.
Our health plans can give employers and employees the tips, tools, and support to navigate the complex world of health care. Fortune magazine noticed our efforts – it named UnitedHealth Group among America's most admired health companies for innovation in 2007.3

Small businesses have noticed, too. With the nation's largest single proprietary provider network, more small businesses have chosen UnitedHealthcare than any other health insurance carrier.4

By helping make health care coverage affordable, we make it easy for you to empower your employees to live a healthy lifestyle.

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  4. Number 1 for small business and total number of small business members covered based on UnitedHealthcare membership systems (December 2007) for groups with 2-99 employees.