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Focusing on the health needs
of African Americans


Generations of Wellness provides culturally relevant tools and resources to help African Americans improve their health.

Know Your Family's Health History

African Americans share a proud heritage that has been passed from one generation to the next. Generations can also share a high risk for certain diseases such as cancer, hypertension and diabetes. Knowing your family's health history is essential for early detection, prevention and treatment of many diseases that are prevalent in the African American community.


African American Physician Directory

The National Medical Association offers a directory of African American physicians.* When seeking care, be sure you check your doctor's network status.


*By clicking on this link, you will be directed to a non-UnitedHealth Group website that is the property of the National Medical Association. Please be advised that, because this website is not owned or managed by UnitedHealth Group or any of its affiliates, UnitedHealth Group is not responsible for the accuracy of the content or the performance or security of the website, and that UnitedHealth Group provides the link only for the user's convenience and reference. Without exception, all UnitedHealthcare members must visit to confirm that the physician he or she wishes to select is a participating physician or health care professional within the UnitedHealthcare network.

Family Reunion Web Tool

We have a great interactive web tool to help African American families stay healthy. Our Family Reunion tool helps families focus on healthy living habits such as healthy weight, diet, exercise and regular health checkups.


Celebrity Chefs

Check out the new and innovative ways celebrity chefs Marvin Woods and Tre Wilcox cook healthy meals.