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Generations of Wellness

Generations of Wellness

Generations of Wellness® provides culturally relevant health information to help African Americans enhance their quality of life. What's more, we offer our members new ways to improve their health outcomes through educational campaigns. We're working hard to ensure African Americans receive the best health care possible through innovative and unique health tools.

Featured Programs and Events

Health Coverage Basics

Making sense of health insurance is no easy task. Take the first step in learning the basics.

Finding Health Insurance That's Right for You

Making the best choice for your health insurance depends on many factors.

Navigating Your Health Plan

Finding African American Physicians and learning more about your health and wellness coverage.

Personalize Your Health Checks

Make the most of your doctor visits by planning ahead.

Health Topics

Get everyday tips for improving your health and wellness. We offer information on many health topics.

Test Your Health

Use our assessments and quizzes to test your health.

Virtual Wellness Games and Tools

Access fun and interactive health tools designed to help you improve your health and wellness.

Wellness Partners

Connect with health, business, community and civic organizations that care about your health and wellness.

Healthy Recipes

You don't have to sacrifice taste when opting for a healthy meal. Learn alternative ways to prepare meals that your family is sure to love.