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ARTICLE About Generations of Wellness

About Generations of Wellness

Serving the health needs of African American families

Family is the centerpiece of all our lives. That's why UnitedHealthcare created Generations of Wellness®, which serves the health needs of African American families. This initiative was designed to assist our African American members along their journey to good health. By emphasizing awareness and promoting innovative wellness tools, our goal is to bring a greater level of parity to the quality of health care and health coverage for African Americans.

The Generations of Wellness health initiative is included in every UnitedHealthcare plan at no additional premium.

Components include:

  • Health Tip Flyers addressing conditions that disproportionately affect African Americans, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and obesity.
  • Family Health History Tree designed to help document and track potential hereditary conditions.
  • Family Reunion interactive tool created to help members make healthy choices regarding nutrition, weight management, exercise and annual checkups.
  • A customized website highlighting best practices in navigating your health plan and working with your doctor.
  • Access to healthy recipes, offering an alternative to preparing traditional home cooked meals.
  • Ongoing campaigns for both employers and their employees, including health fairs, seminars and more.