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ARTICLE Fitness and Nutrition


Learn small steps that you can start taking today to get fit and stay healthy – for life.

Dance Fitness Videos

We've teamed up with Darrin Henson to bring you dance routines to add to your fitness regimen. These routines have simple combinations that you can use to enhance your workout or spice up your dance game. Remember to consult your doctor before you begin any fitness program.

Health Tip Flyers

Learn ways to improve your daily diet, get moving and manage your weight with our health tip flyers. All are in PDF format.

  • Improve your daily diet – Keep in mind that you are what you eat. Use our food guide pyramid to make sure that you are following a healthy and balanced daily diet.
  • Five great reasons to stop the excuses and get moving – From creating a beautiful body to molding a beautiful mind take a look at these reasons to stop procrastinating and start exercising today.
  • Weight Management – Eighty percent of African American women, and 67 percent of African American men are overweight or obese. Read about the importance of maintaining a healthy weight and learn effective weight-loss strategies.

Work out routines

Need a quick exercise plan? Check out our 10, 20 and 30 minute exercise routines. There are no more excuses for getting your body moving.