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ARTICLE Understanding Health Coverage

Health Coverage Basics

Making sense of health insurance is no easy task. Generations of Wellness® can help you get a basic understanding of the different types of health plans, how health coverage works, why you need it and what's affecting costs.

How does health coverage work? With health coverage, you pay into an insurance plan that covers some of your medical costs. Coverage and benefits vary by plan type. Learn more about plan types and the Basics of Health Coverage. >>
Finding health insurance that's right for you Finding the right health insurance can be a challenging task. It is important that you become familiar with your options so that you can make the best decision for your situation. >>
Why do costs keep rising? Expensive medical treatments and increasingly unhealthy lifestyles are just a few factors causing health plan costs to rise. Learn how employers and insurance companies are responding and how you can control your Health Plan Costs/Utilization. >>
How can you manage your pharmacy benefit? Costly research and pharmaceutical patents are a few contributing factors to the rise of medications. Learn how you can manage your Pharmacy Benefit. >>
What do those terms mean? Find definitions for Common Health Insurance Terms. >>