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ARTICLE Health is Wealth

Health is Wealth

Too often, our health takes a back seat to managing our families, careers and daily obligations.  Generations of Wellness knows that in order to live a viable life, to love and take care of our families, and manage our daily responsibilities – our health must take center stage in our list of priorities. 

Learn how embracing a healthy lifestyle and making health your number one priority will bring invaluable wealth to your life and your family for generations to come.

Work-wise: The connection between health and wealth at work You may not want to think about long-term care. But, planning for it now can give you and your loved ones peace of mind. And, it can help you save money.>>
Discounts and Savings Stretch your health care dollars by taking advantage of these discounts and savings available to UnitedHealthcare members.>>
Healthy Living: Habits You Can Bank On Unhealthy lifestyle habits can cost you in more ways than one. They can put you at risk of diseases that dampen your quality of life - and burden your wallet.>>
Retirement Checkup: Get your savings plan on the fast track to good health Your golden years should be a time to shine. But, heading into retirement without the right financial plan can take the sparkle off a life of leisure.>>
Home Economics: Keep your body ? and bank account ? in good shape Being healthy and saving money go hand in hand. Healthy living can lower your monthly expenses, giving you more money to put in the bank. >>
Long-Term Care: Plan now to save later Planning now for long-term care can give you and your loved ones peace of mind. And, it can help you save money. >>
No More Butts: Quit smoking, and save money These days, we all want to save money. Get in on the trend by quitting tobacco. As soon as you stop, the savings start. >>
Fast Food: The hidden cost of speed-eating Inexpensive meals often come with a hidden cost. They can raise your risk of serious health conditions that are also expensive to treat. >>
Dollars and Sense: To manage your finances, manage your health Worried about money? You aren't alone: Over 75 percent of Americans said money woes are a major source of stress, according to a recent survey.>>