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ARTICLE No more butts: Quit smoking, and save money

No more butts: Quit smoking, and save money

These days, we all want to save money. Get in on the trend by quitting tobacco. As soon as you stop, the savings start – in more ways than you might think.

For instance, you might:

1. Reverse some of your health losses. Shortly after you quit smoking, your general health starts to improve. Plus, your risk of lung cancer goes down.

Quitting is especially important if you're African American. Smokers who are African American are at a higher risk of lung cancer than other smokers.

2. Profit from lower health care costs. Becoming a nonsmoker may save you as much as $20,000 in lifetime medical bills. Also, you'll save on health care and life insurance premiums.

And, your fellow taxpayers may save a few dollars. The cost of treating diseases caused by smoking runs about $96 billion a year. Those who pay taxes pick up a big part of the tab.

3. Stop burning a hole in your pocket. That billion-dollar price tag doesn't take into account the money you burn through buying tobacco products. You might be surprised how much of your savings has gone up in smoke. Over time, the habit can cost you thousands – or even tens of thousands – of dollars.

Set your smoking money aside. Then, watch the cash pile up. As a reward, buy yourself something special to celebrate quitting.

Smoke-free for life

Smoking is the number one preventable cause of death in the United States today. Quitting may very likely buy you more years – a savings that's priceless.

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