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ARTICLE Children's Health

Children's Health

Keeping children healthy and happy are parents' first priority. Whether it's fighting the common cold or keeping up with immunizations parents want to keep their children on track. Check out the following flyers to keep your little one in tip top shape.

Interactive quiz

Take our childhood obesity quiz.

Childhood Health Tip Flyers

Download and view these health tip flyers. All are in PDF format.

Asthma – Learn how you can help your child manage asthma.

Diabetes – Children with diabetes face unique challenges. Read about ways to manage this condition.

Ear, Nose and Throat – Issues with ears, nose and throat are common in children. Learn about symptoms and when it's time to call your child's doctor.

Obesity – Learn how you can take an active role in helping your kids fight childhood obesity.

Pre-Diabetes – Is your child at risk? Check out this tip flier to learn more.