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Senior's Health

Fighting aging is not just about hiding wrinkles and gray hair. It's about doing those things that will help you live a healthier and more satisfying life. Take a look at these tip sheets to learn ways to stay safe, stave off diseases and manage your medications.

Health Tip Flyers

Download and view these health tip flyers. All are in PDF format.

Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia – Early detection is essential in treating diseases that affect how the brain functions. Learn what the warning signs are to manage your health or of your loved one.

Diabetes Prevention – African Americans have a higher risk of diabetes. Read about the risk factors and how to help prevent diabetes.

Early Treatment of Alzheimer's disease – Alzheimer's disease is more prevalent among African Americans. Learn how Alzheimer's disease is treated and ways to delay the symptoms.

Heart Failure and Healthy Diet – Managing your daily sodium intake can prevent heart failure. Read about the steps you can start taking today to reduce your chances of heart failure.

Managing your medication – Read a few tips on how to better manage your health by taking the frustration out of keeping up with your meds.

Osteoporosis – 1.5 million fractures occur annually from Osteoporosis. Know your risk factors and learn how to build and maintain strong, healthy bones.

Preventing falls among the elderly – One in three people 65 and older will experience a fall each year. Read about steps to make your living environment safer, activities to avoid and best practices in working with your doctor.

Tips for improving your balance – Fear of falling is a real concern among the elderly. Learn how to maintain your independence and peace of mind by following a few preventive tips.