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ARTICLE Men's Health - In Your 40s

40s: Your health checklist

Take steps to improve your health with our top-four recommended health to-dos.

Quit smoking

Get help quitting and reduce your risk of just about every health condition.

  • See discounts to help you quit smoking on >> Extra Programs & Discounts >> Health Allies >> Wellness >> Smoking Cessation

Manage your weight

Get help improving your nutrition, managing your weight and creating an exercise plan.

  • Use the Online Health Coach on >> Health & Wellness >> Online Health Coach

Relieve back pain

Strengthen your spine and learn coping methods for back pain.

  • Visit the Pain Center on >> Health & Wellness >> Conditions A to Z >> Centers >> Pain Center

Schedule a preventive health screening

Real men DO get checkups. Although some men's attitudes about checkups may have come from their own fathers who avoided doctors, or thought talking to a doctor was uncomfortable or embarrassing. But, preventing disease and detecting health issues early, if they occur, are important to living a healthy life. By scheduling a preventive visit with your doctor, your physician will consider your personal risk factors, such as your age, family medical history, general health and lifestyle, then make recommendations for the preventive health screenings that are appropriate for you. Talk to your doctor about your specific health questions and concerns, and use these guidelines, along with the advice of your doctor, to maintain or improve your health: