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ARTICLE Virtual Wellness Games and Tools

Virtual Tools – Tools for managing your health and wellness online.

Family Health History Tree Web Tool – Designed to help document and track potential hereditary conditions.

Family Reunion Web Tool – Interactive tool created to help members make healthy choices regarding nutrition, weight management, exercise and annual checkups.

Health4Me mobile application

Health4Me – Your family's health in your hands. UnitedHealthcare Health4Me™ is designed to make managing your family's health a lot simpler. You can easily access the information you need, find the care you're looking for, personalize the interface with your photos and even talk to someone directly if you have questions.

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myHealthcare Cost Estimator

myHealthcare Cost Estimator – helps you quickly and easily find personalized information before you see a doctor, helping you to "take charge of your health care and know more."

Once you know the 4 Ps–Procedure, Provider, Price and Place–there's no telling how far you can go in improving your health and increasing your savings. Read our member guide to learn more about the myHealthcare Cost Estimator and the 4 Ps.

Get started in three easy steps
Start using myHealthcare Cost Estimator today. It's currently available in over 45 markets, featuring in-depth information on over 100 procedures. More cities and procedures will be added soon. After all, when you take charge, you'll know more about how to make the most of your health plan.

1. Register with your member health plan ID number at
2. Set up an email, username and password.
3. Take full advantage of all the value-added benefits this online tool has to offer.

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Health Care Lane – It's a virtual town – but a very real interactive website where you can learn about health insurance topics in a friendly, engaging way. We're make it easier for you to understand how your health coverage works as well as the different wellness benefits, tools and resources available to you.