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Retiree Health Care Solutions for Employer Groups

Group Retiree Solutions
Customized Retiree Solutions from the Market Leader

Retiree Health Care Solutions for Employers.

Rising health care costs. Growing numbers of retirees. Less time and fewer resources to manage your retirees' benefits. As an employer, this may sound familiar.

UnitedHealthcare can help. Whether you want to maintain traditional group benefits, are considering a subsidy, or moving to an exchange solution, we can help you gain control of your health care costs, provide quality coverage for your retirees and more easily manage your benefits – today and in the future.

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UnitedHealthcare has the financial stability, comprehensive solutions, and industry experience to help you.

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About our Retiree Health Care Products & Services

Retired Couple

We offer traditional retiree group coverage and a transitional exchange model to give your retirees access to medical, prescription and leading-edge clinical support programs.

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What is Medicare?

What is Medicare

Get a basic overview of how Medicare works, including eligibility requirements, coverage types and benefits.

Understand the basics of Medicare

Medicare Made Clear

Medicare Made Clear

UnitedHealthcare's "Medicare Made Clear Overview of Medicare for Benefits Administrators" covers what employers need to know about Medicare enrollment, and coverage options. A great way for you to be informed, so that you can help answer questions your employees may have as they turn 65.

View the "Medicare Made Clear Overview of Medicare for Benefits Administrators" Medicare Made Clear

UnitedHealthcare's "Show Me Guide" covers Medicare eligibility, enrollment, Medicare Advantage, and other topics. It's a complete guide to Medicare for your employees who are nearing retirement.

View the "Medicare Made Clear: Show Me Guide"


Making the Difference

Retiree Solutions Video

Discover how we make a difference in our retirees' lives by easing the transition to individual plans.

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Understanding Client Needs

Retiree Solutions Employer Video

See how UnitedHealthcare worked with a state retiree system to create a more affordable, accessible program for 42,000 retirees.

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