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ARTICLE Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans

Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans

Save money while offering your retirees convenient, predictable and affordable prescription drug coverage with UnitedHealthcare's Medicare Part D Prescription Drug plans. UnitedHealthcare Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage may help safeguard against the high cost of prescription drugs today, as well as unexpected future costs. By offering one of our Group Medicare Part D plans or individual Medicare Part D plans, employers can give their retirees prescription drug coverage that's cost effective, convenient, predictable and easy to use.

How can my organization benefit from Part D plans?

  • Flexible individual and group plans. More than a dozen standard group plan designs and 3 individual plan designs, including plans with and without enhanced gap coverage. Custom group plan designs generally replicate existing plan designs for larger groups
  • Group plan availability. Group plans offer consistent premium and plan designs in all states, plus the U.S. territories
  • Medicare-specific formularies. Formularies are designed to serve the unique needs of Medicare-eligible adults
  • Low costs. Part D plans generally offer lower cost prescription drugs compared to traditional prescription drug plans (typical plan sponsor saves $40 to $70 per member per month) lower FAS 106/GASB 43/45 liabilities — without reducing benefits
  • Simplified administration. Facilitated group enrollment process means less administrative work for you
  • Knowledgeable, retiree-focused. Sales representatives and client management teams support you
  • Split billing. This billing feature is available at no additional cost. Subsidize part or all of the premium for some or all of your retirees
  • Eliminates the need for Retiree Drug Subsidy (RDS). No need to file RDS and recognize it as taxable income

Rx administration by OptumRx, our wholly-owned pharmacy benefit manager

Where are the plans available?
We offer group and individual Medicare Part D Prescription Drug plans throughout all 50 states, Washington, D.C. and the five U.S. territories.

Group and Individual Part D Prescription Drug Plans
Medicare Part D prescription drug plans are privately insured and administered plans that provide help with the cost of prescription drugs for people eligible for Medicare. A Medicare Part D plan is separate from "Original Medicare," which includes Medicare Parts A and B. Medicare Part D plans are available:

  • As standalone plans
  • In conjunction with a Medicare supplement plan
  • As part of a Medicare Advantage plan that includes Part D prescription drug coverage

Part D with Wrap Plan
This combination enables the plan sponsor to take advantage of the pharmaceutical manufacturers' 50% discount program for Part D covered brand-name drugs in the coverage gap (aka the "donut hole") while providing additional coverage for members during the coverage gap. This can help provide a low total cost solution for a given level of coverage.

How do these plans benefit retirees?
Our Medicare Part D Prescription Drug plans protect retirees from rising drug costs today and in the future. Retirees may get:

  • National Pharmacy Network with more than 65,000 retail locations, plus the convenience and savings of home delivery
  • Broad formularies. Group plans cover 100% of Medicare Part D eligible drugs. Bonus drug lists offer further coverage
  • National Coverage that goes wherever the retiree goes
  • Reduced out-of-pocket costs. The pharmaceutical industry’s 50% (approximate) discount on most brand name drugs in the coverage gap
  • Financial predictability. Low premiums and predictable copayments can help retirees manage their health care budget
  • Personal and convenient service. Retiree-focused Customer Care Professionals available 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. local time, 5 days a week
  • Preferred pharmacy network. Even lower cost sharing at preferred network pharmacies

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