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ARTICLE Staying Healthy

Keep up the good work.

The best time to think about your health is before you have a problem. That’s why UnitedHealthcare offers these powerful, easy-to-use online wellness tools and programs through®.

OptumizeMe is a mobile application that makes achieving fitness, nutrition and livestyle goals fun. See video

To get started on a path to well-being, log in to and access these resources from the health and wellness tab:

  • Complete your personal health assessment.
    You’ll get immediate, confidential results tailored to address your identified health needs, including suggestions for improving areas identified at risk to help you avoid potential health problems in the future. See a sample report (pdf).
  • Take action.
    Choose from dozens of personal “Take Action” guides or use trackers and tools to start making important lifestyle changes that will improve the quality of your life. We also offer seven different five-week, self-directed health coaching programs to help keep your health and well-being on track. There’s no additional cost for members. Choose from these topics:
    • Exercise
    • Nutrition
    • Weight Management
    • Stress Management
    • Smoking Cessation
    • Diabetes Lifestyle
    • Heart Healthy Lifestyle
  • Update your Personal Health Record.
    It’s easy to safely and securely track your health information in one place. With your Personal Health Record, you have an easy reference for medication information, completed procedures and lab results. Plus, when you take a health assessment or have lab tests, all of the information you provide will be transferred directly to your record to make keeping track of your health even simpler.
  • Get discounts.
    Save typically 10 to 50 percent on wellness products and services generally not covered by insurance with the Health Discount Program. Examples include Jenny Craig, Curves, NordicTrack, SpaFinder, nutrition supplements, laser eye surgery (LASIK), teeth whitening, fitness club memberships and nicotine replacement therapy. Learn more about the Health Discount Program.
  • Find reliable information.
    We believe in evidence-based medicine—making decisions about health care based on proven facts. See the facts for yourself in our library of up-to-date information about conditions, diseases, health and wellness. When you need to choose a doctor or hospital, access our quality data and make an informed decision.
  • Sign up for your personalized newsletter.
    Get the latest health news and tips, plus individualized content on important topics in our award-winning “Healthy Mind, Healthy Body” newsletter. Just log in to and enter your Group ID number located on your medical ID card. You may also select health topics that meet your personal health needs and interests.

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