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Short Term Health Insurance

Bridge the gaps in health insurance coverage

When a life change leaves you without health insurance, you need coverage to get you through the transition period. With a short-term health insurance plan from Golden Rule Insurance Company, a UnitedHealthcare company, you can select the length of time (1 to 11 months in many states) and choose from a range of available deductible amounts and payment options. And when your needs change, you have the flexibility to drop your coverage at any time without a penalty.

A Short Term Health insurance plan may be right for you if you are:

  • Between jobs or unemployed
  • A young adult no longer covered under a parent's insurance plan
  • An early retiree
  • Waiting for other coverage to begin

Temporary insurance plans are usually more affordable than traditional individual health coverage.1

Take a few minutes to check out our short term health insurance page and see for yourself.

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*UnitedHealthcare affiliates include Golden Rule Insurance Company, an underwriter of UnitedHealthOne plans

1Subject to medical underwriting. Short term health insurance does not meet minimum essential coverage requirements, meaning signing up for this coverage will result in a tax penalty.

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