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ARTICLE Clinical Programs Impact Quality of Care

The right information at the right time.

We believe physicians can provide the most effective care when they apply evidence-based standards to timely, relevant and patient-specific information. UnitedHealthcare supports these standards of care through a wide range of data sharing and professional development programs offered online and in publications:

  • Clinical Evidence—
    To ensure physicians are making informed decisions, The United Health Foundation distributes Clinical Evidence—a publication featuring the latest international medical evidence—to 500,000 physicians and 80,000 nurse practitioners twice a year.
  • Best Treatments—
    Best Treatments is a searchable database that helps patients and physicians apply clinical evidence to their care process. It's available on UnitedHealthcare's private physician site, UnitedHealthcareOnline. The same information is available to consumers on
  • Continuing Professional Development—
    UnitedHealthcare offers continuing education programs for physicians. Courses are available online, via Webcast and teleconference. Academic lectures and physician office visits are also held.
  • Sharing Performance Data—Studies have shown that sharing performance data helps physicians identify missed opportunities and promotes the practice of evidence-based medicine. Since 1997, UnitedHealthcare has shared information with physicians about their performance compared to both their peers and national guidelines.