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ARTICLE Specialized Networks

Enhancing care for patients with serious illness.

Patients with serious or long-term illnesses have complex health care needs. United Resource Networks helps patients obtain care through its Centers of Excellence network, which includes facilities that meet high standards. Criteria include program volumes and clinical outcomes, patient and family-oriented services, and practice of evidence-based medicine.


Transplant Resource Services (TRS) helps patients obtain care from more than 180 leading transplant programs at medical centers throughout the United States, with over 10,000 referrals annually.  


Cancer Resource Services (CRS) provides access to a network of premier cancer centers that meet Centers of Excellence standards of care. It also connects patients to the most experienced physicians and hospitals for their specific forms of cancer. 


CRS provides clinical consultants to help patients understand diagnosis and treatment options, as well as access to unparalleled clinical expertise, coverage for evaluation, second opinion and the full range of treatment services for any cancer or suspected cancer at our Centers of Excellence network centers. All this, and savings of 20-40% of billed charges.*


Reproductive Resource Services (RRS) offers superior straightforward education on clinical and non-clinical infertility issues and treatment, including information on clinics and physicians. We offer support from experienced infertility nurses who will help you make informed decisions on your health care. RRS provides access to our network of COEs (Centers of Excellence) for care at clinics that have passed our best-practice evaluation criteria built on pregnancy and delivery outcomes.


Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) Resource Services identifies Centers of Excellence in the treatment of CHD, including arterial switch, Norwood, tetralogy of Fallot and Fontan procedures. It provides savings of 35-40% off of standard billed charges on average.* A clinical consultant assists throughout the process and acts as a liaison between the family and the medical center.


Kidney Resource Services (KRS) provides access to top-performing dialysis centers and nurse consulting services to support the management of kidney diseases. Some features include early nephrologist referrals; hypertension monitoring and appropriate dialysis adequacy; anemia, nutrition and medication management; and education about pre-emptive transplantation as an alternative to dialysis for ESRD.


Neonatal Resource Services (NRS) works in conjunction with UnitedHealthcare’s Healthy Pregnancy Program to identify pregnancies that may be at high risk and encourages delivery at a Neonatal Centers of Excellence network program.


*Source: U.R.N. internal analysis, 2004.