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ARTICLE Small Business Wellness Pilot

To raise awareness of the link between healthy lifestyle decisions and long-term quality of life, now all our standard Small Business products in Wisconsin will offer biometric screenings to enrollees at their convenience.

Members get personal counseling to help them understand their key health indicators, such as blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose and BMI. That, in turn, helps them prepare to actively partner with their personal physicians as well as choose one of the UnitedHealthcare telephonic wellness coaching programs that are most appropriate for their specific needs. The Small Business Wellness product even offers members money back when they go to the gym on a regular basis, which is a convenient and fun way to encourage healthy behaviors.

The key to the Small Business Wellness pilot is simplicity. The wellness features are completely integrated into each plan, which makes it easy for employers and consumers to get engaged in their health.

The Small Business Wellness program is in pilot phase.

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