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ARTICLE Client and Consumer Experience Program

Companies like Disney®, Best Buy® and Nordstrom® have led the way in designing what's called a "total customer experience" from a consumer perspective. Prescription Solutions is the first to apply these principles to the Prescription Benefit Management industry. It's called the Client and Consumer Experience Program.

One big goal of the program is to show that paying careful attention to our clients and their needs can help them make better pharmacy benefit decisions. A key example of how this works is a new program called the Benefit Preferences Tool. This is an interactive, real-time application that creates customized pharmacy benefit plans for prospects, clients or consultants – based on their unique needs and priorities.

Users provide their specific plan design preferences by responding to questions, comparisons and tradeoffs that emphasize plan factors like lower overall drug costs versus increasing the use of generic drugs. They can also explore extending the effectiveness of our different disease management and clinical management programs in combination with their pharmacy benefit plan. Then the tool correlates their preferences to the plan offerings that best meets a client's goals.

The Client and Consumer Experience Program and Benefit Preferences Tool demonstrate our ability to innovate in order to strengthen our relationship with our clients and members. Now every member of our team, regardless of role, knows we all own the experience of our customers.

The Client and Consumer Experience Program is ongoing. The Benefit Preferences Tool (Phase II) will launch April 5, 2011.