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ARTICLE Health Care Lane

Health Care Lane

We're finding that more and more of our members prefer to get their information electronically. They like the online experience, and they expect it from us. Introducing Health Care Lane: It's a virtual town – but a very real interactive website where "residents" explain fundamental health insurance topics in a friendly, engaging way.

Health Care Lane's serious purpose is to truly engage people where they are most comfortable.

We make it easier for them to understand how their health coverage works as well as the different wellness benefits, tools and resources available to them.

Using a combination of Adobe® Flash® technology, web design and video, Health Care Lane makes learning about health care easier and more enjoyable. Visitors can "walk around" and interact with the residents to learn the basics, like what a premium is, or more complex topics like a Health Savings Account or a Flexible Spending Account. Larger employers can also request customized sites to help their employees make more informed decisions when they change carriers and at open enrollment.

Consumers can now access the full website at, which includes all current topics. Ultimately, we believe that informed consumers will make better health decisions – and that's good for everyone.

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