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Here are quick snapshots of additional new ideas from UnitedHealth Group companies:

Disease Precursor Identification

The Ingenix Disease Precursor Identification technology identifies populations who are at risk of developing costly, difficult-to-manage diseases and conditions such as diabetes and colorectal cancer. Unique in the industry, this tool identifies people who are on a path toward serious illness – even before there's a diagnosis or a claim. In fact, this is the predictive technology that UnitedHealthcare is using to identify participants for the Diabetes Prevention and Control Alliance. Now available for individual employers and other potential users.


TrendView from Ingenix is a desktop solution designed to help employers better understand and manage employee health. TrendView provides employers meaningful insight based on simple, graphical displays that support scenario modeling to uncover new opportunities for improving employee health and reducing medical costs. Available now to companies with 2,000 or more employees.

Living Health Care Lane

In addition to its online existence described above, there is now a physical representation of Health Care Lane. Appearing at conventions, public educational forums and industry meetings around the country, this live, interactive experience showcases the vast capabilities, innovations and tools we provide. It's aimed at improved understanding among key stakeholders, including distribution partners, prospective groups, providers, regulators, labor organizations and the media.

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