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ARTICLE e-Prescribing

We can build a better national health care delivery system by switching to electronic health records for communication, storage and access. And yet, an estimated four out of five patients still leave their doctor's office with handwritten prescriptions – which are prone to misinterpretation and error. The result is that Americans experience more than 1.5 million adverse drug reactions every year caused by human error, many of which are life-threatening.1

UnitedHealthcare believes e-Prescribing is a vital step toward a safer and more efficient way to get people the prescription drugs they need. e-Prescribing can help increase medication safety and result in fewer adverse drug events with automated drugdrug and drug-allergy alerts, which provide a comprehensive patient medication history to the provider at the point of care.

e-Prescribing also helps increase office efficiency for physicians and provides a real-time, payer-specific approved drug list. It can also help reduce costs for members and employers by highlighting lower cost alternatives.

We're working with physicians and other health care professionals to encourage them to adopt e-Prescribing at a reduced cost, or in some cases to even fund physicians directly. To date UnitedHealthcare has funded more than 6,000 physicians in their efforts to adopt an e-Prescribing tool.

e-Prescribing supports the national quest toward better health care. UnitedHealthcare is currently expanding its e-Prescribing program to fourteen states.

1. UnitedHealth Pharmaceutical Solutions analysis, 2010

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