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ARTICLE OptumizeMe

Good health? Now there's an app for that. OptumizeMe from UnitedHealthcare is the first mobile health challenge application in the market. It will let people use their mobile device to challenge other users to health and fitness goals on their Smartphone, track their own progress and post the results to the Facebook® social networking site.

OptumizeMe is a mobile application that makes achieving fitness, nutrition and livestyle goals fun. See video

Getting our social network involved in our health decisions and activities makes it easier to stay motivated and on track. OptumizeMe supports messages between users and creates virtual "badges" as rewards for participation and encouragement.

Users can create a health or fitness challenge, track their progress on that challenge – and even exchange some good old-fashioned trash talk via text. Of course, friends can also collaborate on fitness goals and cheer each other on anywhere, any time.

A little competition is a fun way to help inspire people to live healthier lives and OptumizeMe can help. It will launch November 8th on the Windows Phone 7 national roll out. By 2011 we will have the application available on the iPhone® and Android mobile systems. Additional business-to-business applications will follow later in 2011.

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