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Innovation is more than just bright ideas. We seek innovations that will have a transformative effect on the health care system, which means they must be capable of being scaled up to work on a massive basis.

As part of our disciplined strategy to accomplish large-scale change, UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement is collaborating with AARP Services Inc. to pilot existing UnitedHealth Group innovations on a huge scale. Some of the 40 million AARP members will be using products like the Optum Financial Health/Wealth Calculator and ManyStrongSM, a community and social networking support website for people affected by serious illness, traumatic injury or other health events. We're gathering their feedback and input in order to further develop and refine our offerings.

This approach is paying off. Just this summer the Product Development and Management Association (PDMA) announced that UnitedHealth Group won a 2011 Outstanding Corporate Innovator Award. PDMA's announcement highlighted a specific strategic commitment to innovation, resulting in a successful track record of significant new product and service launches over the past five years.

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