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ARTICLE UnitedHealthcare Wrks4me

We asked younger adults (age 18 to 29) what they wanted out of a health insurance plan. They said first, they wanted a plan they could afford, and they also wanted some services to be available without needing to satisfy a deductible. Second, they wanted choices to allow them to select services relevant to their lifestyle – and their budget. So we developed Wrks4me.

Wrks4me is a new, easy-to-understand health insurance product that comes at an appealing price point for consumers in this segment. Wrks4me provides first dollar coverage for a range of services that are important to young adults, like two dental cleanings, and two doctor visits per year, and preventive care with no copays or deductibles. At the same time, the plan is flexible enough to allow them to personalize some of the services included in the plan. The plan includes enhanced dental, vision and pharmacy coverage. Consumers can reduce their monthly contribution by opting out. They can even choose the deductible that best fits their personal situation. And with the Wrks4me portal, enrollment is simple.

Wrks4me is an example of how we're innovating to meet an evolving market demand for this fast growing demographic.

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