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ARTICLE UnitedHealthcare Community Rewards

People's everyday choices – what to eat, when to go to bed, whether or not to exercise – contribute significantly to the nation's health care costs. By encouraging even our youngest members to improve their health-related decisions, we may be able to help lower health care expenses.

UnitedHealthcare Community Rewards™ is an incentive program for children ages 13 and under, designed to teach healthy habits and reward them for actions from brushing their teeth, washing their hands, eating healthy, engaging in physical activity and getting a good night's sleep, to going to the doctor for regular checkups.

The program, being piloted in Wisconsin as of July, has three tiers: Everyday Health, Using Your Insurance and Regular Checkups. Everyday Health actions are self-reported, while the others are report- or claims-verified.

For each activity completed within these areas, participants can earn, accumulate and track points online and redeem them for merchandise rewards like a camera or bicycle. Parents can help earn points by using their Welcome Kit, reading the member newsletter, trying NurseLineSM and taking their children to well-child visits.

The program engages participants to join through letters, brochures, and postcards, and then encourages them to earn rewards through emails and other on-screen prompts.

Discussions to expand the existing pilot to other health plans are underway, and additional tests focused on high-risk membership are also under development.

This innovative program is designed to improve the health of our members by reaching them where they are (mobile phones), in fun ways (game boards with activities), and reward them for positive activity. UnitedHealthcare is committed to helping provide ways to facilitate health and wellness goals that may help people live healthier lives.