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ARTICLE Start! Walking phone application

Walking is an easy, fun way to promote better health for businesses, individuals and families. That's why the American Heart Association designed the Start! Walking program to promote walking and other forms of heart-healthy living.

Now everyone can find, create and track walking paths with the American Heart Association® Start! Walking Paths App for the Apple® iPhone® and Android™. These applications were created as part of UnitedHealthcare's three-year, $1.95 million contribution to the American Heart Association's Start! Walking Paths program.

The Walking Path app for iPhone and Android will allow users to find, tag, "like" and create their own walking paths. By taking advantage of GPS-enabled phones participants can automatically create a new walking path as they walk their favorite trails. Walking Path app users also gain access to the full suite of healthy lifestyle tools and resources available when they register with the American Heart Association's Start! Walking program.

Share the health

Healthy behaviors are contagious. That means our chances of staying active and healthy get better if we have other people around us who are also active.1 So we made sure you can share Start! Walking Paths with others. Users can find paths others have created nearby with the GPS on their mobile device. Then share links directly, or share via Facebook®, Twitter®, e-mail and a number of other platforms.

Take a few moments to get the Start! Walking app for your phone today, and get walking.

Status: The Android app is available now and the iPhone/iPad® app is coming soon.

1. Christakis, N., The New England Journal of Medicine, July 26, 2007; vol. 357: pp 370-37