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ARTICLE OptumPAF Advances Patient Assessments

Advanced analytics and provider engagement capabilities have been the hallmark of the Healthcare Quality Patient Assessment Form by Optum, a UnitedHealth Group company. To improve upon the already successful program, OptumPAF (patient assessment form) was launched in March as a secure mobile iPad® app and Web portal for primary care physicians.

The program helps empower providers to improve patient care, provide accurate risk adjustment data and drive responsive clinical action on Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS®)/Stars measures by revolutionizing the deployment, completion and submission of prospective assessment forms.

Optum's team of health care advocates uses the app to enroll providers in real time. The providers' easy-to-use interface is populated with patient information from claims data and other sources. Providers access OptumPAF to electronically retrieve, review and complete all sections of the patient assessment form for members in participating health plans.

OptumPAF securely delivers timely and relevant patient data, including the risk adjustment suspects, quality gaps in care, the patient care team, emergency room visits, acute admissions, diagnosis history and prescription data to providers to improve the patient encounter. In many cases, this allows the provider access to data that may not have been readily available from hospitals and specialists.

Completed forms and supporting documentation are uploaded online, allowing providers and their staff to monitor the progress as forms are processed and administrative reimbursements are tracked.

OptumPAF is empowering providers by delivering consolidated health plan claims data from all sources available at the point of care leading to better outcomes for patients, providers and health plans.

UnitedHealthcare is dedicated to simplifying the health care experience, providing valuable, innovative tools and sustaining trusted relationships with health care providers to help members meet their wellness needs.

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