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ARTICLE Curo Pilot

Curo, which is Latin for "care," is a new appointment scheduling and health advisor service available 24/7 that's designed to help consumers conveniently find the right doctor and the right care path. A pilot of the complimentary service launched in December 2011 in the Kansas City market. Curo works across all health care plans and is publicly available to all consumers.

Users can go online to or call 1-855-2MYCURO to speak to an advisor who can help navigate the health care system, addressing a variety of questions about providers, treatment options, resources for second opinions and appointment scheduling.

Once a consumer places a request for an appointment, a health advisor takes care of the scheduling. The consumer receives an initial appointment confirmation message via email or text, as well as a reminder 24 hours prior to the visit. If a consumer needs to reschedule, he or she can "click to call" from the confirmation message.

After the appointment, consumers can provide feedback on the visit via a provider satisfaction survey. Users can also subscribe to receive ongoing communications and content.

Curo is an example of one more way we're working to make the health care experience simpler for consumers, providers and payers.