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ARTICLE Symmetry Express Prototype

The Symmetry® suite of solutions by OptumSM was introduced in 1993, and over time, has expanded to offer tools to help health care organizations measure value and understand costs, quality and risk.

Symmetry has continued to evolve and innovate, enhancing product offerings and responding to customer needs. The most recent example of this is the Symmetry Express prototype, a point-of-care tool that delivers actionable health analytics data to the physician.

Symmetry Express enhances the patient/physician encounter by supplying the doctor with critical information that may not have been previously available at the point of care. Information like prescription adherence, medical events occurring outside the provider's office, or "best practices" specific to the patient, such as reminders for recurring conditions or health concerns.

Here's how Symmetry Express works:

  • Health care provider front desk staff submits the patient's member ID via their electronic tool (browser, electronic health record, health information exchange interface, etc.).
  • This can be done a day before scheduled appointments, or just prior to the appointment for walk-ins.
  • OptumInsight™ systems gather claims information for that patient and information is processed through Symmetry engines in less than a minute.
  • Symmetry and HealthImpact actionable reports are sent to provider's e-tool.
  • The health care provider uses the information as discussion points with the patient during the appointment.

By empowering providers with near real-time data, Symmetry Express can help a physician to know more about their patient and engage with them more directly, ultimately helping improve the quality of care and potentially impacting medical cost.