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ARTICLE Baby Blocks

UnitedHealthcare Baby Blocks™ is an interactive incentive program designed to encourage pregnant members to make and keep doctor appointments during their pregnancy and into the first 15 months of their baby's life.

After members enroll on the Baby Blocks website, they receive a customized "game board" with recommended prenatal visits and are eligible to earn up to eight rewards.

Two reminders are sent before each appointment, and afterwards as a prompt to log the next appointment date. Upon the baby's birth, a second interactive board recommends postpartum and well-baby visits.

Healthy pregnancy and well-baby tips are provided when blocks are unlocked. Six of the eight rewards are valued at less than $10 and the rewards for program enrollment and postpartum visit are valued at less than $20, aligning with state government incentive caps.

The program is offered in English and Spanish and is currently available to pregnant members who are enrolled in a UnitedHealthcare Community Plan in Arizona, Florida, Maryland, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Tennessee.

More than 4,000 members have signed up for Baby Blocks since the program was initially launched in November 2011 in four pilot health plans. In 2013, the program has the potential to reach more than 50,000 pregnant women per year.

UnitedHealthcare Community plans of Kansas, Nebraska and Washington, D.C. expect to enroll their first members during the first quarter of 2013.

Baby Blocks continues to demonstrate strong results with monthly response rates exceeding 40 percent in some states and member engagement rates of more than 60 percent after the baby's birth.

Baby Blocks is intended to help improve member engagement in an innovative way among pregnant mothers through email, texting, mobile phones, desktop platforms and a fun, friendly interface.

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