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ARTICLE Open Innovation Challenge

An Open Innovation Challenge competition was launched in October in an effort to improve the percentage of Medicaid members who receive preventive care, and in turn, increase the quality of care and overall health.

Ideas and solutions were solicited from leading experts, innovators and creative problem-solvers. The initial challenge was viewed by nearly 550 innovators and a winning concept was selected from more than 100 submissions received. Both the number of people who indicated an interest and the concepts submitted surpassed expectations.

The winning idea, "Healthy Leaders Initiative," helps to empower women to influence others in their community to live healthy lives. Currently, opportunities to apply and test the winning concept are being identified.

Since this first challenge, three others have been launched across the company. "Reimagining the Health Insurance Member's Online Experience" closed in mid-December. A panel will select a winner by the end of January.

"Prescribed Medication Adherence by Focusing on Patient Motivation" launched Jan. 3 and entries are being accepted through March 4.

UnitedHealthcare's latest challenge, "Breakthrough Health Tech Modifications," launched during the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show and seeks to modify common, everyday consumer technology to improve the health for those living with chronic diseases.

This challenge will award $60,000 to the best idea that can reduce the cost of managing chronic medical conditions while improving the health of the individual. The challenge closes on April 8 and will then be evaluated by a panel of experts who will make their selection of the winning idea in early June.

UnitedHealth Group's Innovation Council is working with InnoCentive, an online global leader in linking innovation problems to solvers who compete to provide ideas and solutions to important challenges across a variety of industries and subject matter. All UnitedHealth Group Challenges may be found on the UnitedHealth Group Pavilion on

UnitedHealthcare is committed to providing technological advances that may help people live healthier lives.

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