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ARTICLE Visible Imaging Capture Solution: LifeLens

The smartphone is used for so many different things today that it has become part of everyday life. The question of how this device will play a role in the future of health care is one of great interest to UnitedHealth Group.

In early 2012, a LifeLens™ smartphone application concept was developed that enables UnitedHealth Group clinical teams to capture images and videos of patients using an iPhone®.

This state-of-the-art app allows nurses and case managers to take a picture or video and securely send it to a cloud storage location. From this protected online data storage site, other clinical professionals can review the image or video and provide consultation or patient care next steps without moving the patient.

Currently, the app is being utilized in multiple pilots with 70 UnitedHealth Group employees in Arizona, Maryland, Nevada and New Mexico. Early results from these pilots are providing exciting results.

Within the early stages of use, the solution has demonstrated clinical value, change in work patterns and reduced costs. More importantly, patients are receiving many types of care at their location versus being transported to a clinic or facility.

Different ways to apply image and video capture capability, including consumer-driven applications, to all types of conditions will continue to be explored.

The use of smartphones will likely increase in the clinical tool bag within the coming years and UnitedHealth Group aims to be the leader in these innovative solutions by turning smart technology into smart health care.

The company is dedicated to simplifying the health care experience and sustaining trusted relationships with health care providers to help members meet their wellness needs.

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