Golden Rule Disclaimers

Legal Disclaimer 
Golden Rule Legal Disclaimer

Product Disclaimers
Products are either underwritten, administered or provided by:

Golden Rule Insurance Company (Indiana domiciled, CA certificate of authority number 4407),
American Medical Security Life Insurance Company (Wisconsin domiciled, CA certificate of authority number 08079),
PacifiCare Health Plan Administrators, Inc.
Product availability varies by state.

Policy Form Numbers
Policy Form Numbers C-006.3, C-006.4, C-008, C-009 & state variations; GRI-H-5.8P-05 & GRI-H-5.8V-05 (CO); GRI-N23M-06, GRI-N23S-06, GRI-H-5.8P-06 & GRI-H-5.8V-06 (CT); MTI00001 & GRI-H-5.7 (DE); GRI-N-25M-10, GRI-N-25S-10 & GRI-H-5.7-10 (GA); GRI-N21M-15, GRI-N-218-15 & GRI-H-5.7-15 (KS); GRI-N22M-16, GRI-N-22S-16 & GRI-H-5.7-16 (KY); MTI00001-17 (LA); MTI00001-27 & MTI00001-27-H (NV); GRI-H-5.7-39 (SC); GRI-N-22M-40, GRI-N-22S-40 & GRI-H-5.7R (SD); GRI-N-22M-49, GRI-N-22S-49 & GRI-H-5.7-49 (WY); GRI-DIS1-AS, GRI-DIS1-AO & state variations; GRI-ACC1-CR and state variations; GRI-DEN1 and state variations; GRI-DEN2-09 (FL); SA-S-1353 and state variations; GRI-CI1 & state variations.