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ARTICLE UnitedHealthcare Launches Education Campaign to Encourage Rhode Island Physicians to Adopt Electronic Health Records

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PROVIDENCE, R.I. (Jan. 7 , 2011) – UnitedHealthcare is launching an education and awareness campaign aimed at helping more Rhode Island doctors adopt electronic health record (EHR) systems.


The effort focuses on physician practices with 10 or fewer physicians.  Such practices provide primary care to the majority of Rhode Island residents, but have been slow to adopt EHR technology largely because of cost. 


UnitedHealthcare will provide educational materials to physicians, host workshops and meetings, and use advertisements to help doctors in small practices better understand the benefits of EHRs.  The awareness campaign also will include information on how to take advantage of an ongoing interest-free loan program that Ingenix is offering nationwide.


Qualifying Rhode Island physicians can receive an interest-free loan to license and implement Ingenix CareTracker™, an EHR system that enables physicians to receive instant updates and immediate connections to labs, pharmacies and hospitals in the area.  The financing covers installation and monthly subscription costs until Nov. 30, 2015.


Physicians who implement an EHR and demonstrate "meaningful use" of the technology can repay the loans with federal government incentives authorized by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).  Under the terms of ARRA, physicians who meet all the requirements can receive up to $44,000 in Medicare or up to $63,000 in Medicaid reimbursements over five years.


Ingenix CareTracker enables eligible physicians to demonstrate "meaningful use," helping them to qualify for the federal stimulus reimbursements.  Furthermore, since Ingenix CareTracker costs less than $7,000 per year per physician, the federal stimulus funding may cover most or all Ingenix CareTracker subscription costs through the end of the ARRA reimbursement period, depending on the composition of a physician's patient mix.


"UnitedHealthcare is committed to helping Rhode Island physicians gain access to technologies that enhance patient care, strengthen the patient-physician experience, and reduce costs for physicians," said Stephen J. Farrell, CEO, UnitedHealthcare of New England.  "This loan program complements the federal incentives, putting the power of advanced health IT systems within reach for tens of thousands of small-practice physicians across the country."


Ingenix CareTracker is a Web-based practice management and EHR system that enables physicians to:

  • access and review medications, patient history, recent orders and test results from labs, pharmacies, radiologists, specialists, hospitals and other key partners;
  • quickly determine a patient's health plan eligibility, copays and prescription drug formularies;
  • follow up with patients who have not scheduled tests or visits as required to manage their care;
  • automate time-consuming tasks such as scheduling appointments, issuing reminders, submitting claims and documenting patient visits; and
  • process and submit medical claims more efficiently and accurately.

"We've been using Ingenix CareTracker for over a year, and it has created a real improvement in our workflow, billing and management," said Pablo Rodriguez, M.D., president and CEO, Women's Care, a multisite OB/GYN practice in Providence. "We had a smooth transition and started saving money immediately."


To hear more about Dr. Rodriguez's experience using Ingenix CareTracker, go to
For more information about Ingenix CareTracker and the financing program, visit or call (877) 347-0845.


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