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ARTICLE Health Care Lane

To help simplify the often complex world of health benefits, UnitedHealthcare has created its own health-focused "town" – Health Care Lane. Health Care Lane is both an online experience, and a "brick-and-mortar" exhibit that brings the interactive website to life.

Both versions of Health Care Lane are designed to improve consumer health literacy and help employers experience the many different health care programs they can put in place for their workforce.

Take a video tour of Health Care Lane.

Health Care Lane – Website is a virtual town whose "residents" explain fundamental health insurance topics in friendly, engaging conversations.

  • The site is an interactive, easy-to-navigate resource available to anyone who wants to learn more about health insurance.
  • Similar to the interactive exhibit, includes a number of "storefronts" where easy-to-understand information and tips are available about a wide range of health benefits issues.
  • Large employers can tailor the site to reflect only the benefits and services being offered as part of their employee health benefits. To date about 300 employers have worked with UnitedHealthcare and designed their own versions of
  • has received impressive feedback from employers and consumers, and has received more than 30 website awards for its interactive content, creativity, user engagement, and effective communications of health insurance information.

Health Care Lane – The Exhibit

Health Care Lane is a 7,000 square foot "town" where visitors can stroll and talk with the "townspeople" representing various parts of the health care system.

  • The exhibit helps employers, brokers and consumers learn about health coverage and the wide variety of programs, products, and services offered by UnitedHealthcare, in a fun engaging setting.
  • Health Care Lane is touring the country, holding educational events at trade shows, industry conferences and other venues with consumers, employers and health benefit brokers.

View B-roll footage of Health Care Lane exhibit (WMV format, 96.6 MB)

View and download photos of the Health Care Lane exhibit:

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