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About UnitedHealthcare pharmacy services

UnitedHealthcare pharmacy provides full-service pharmacy management and OptumRx Mail Service solutions for United Healthcare's commercial business. With more than 30 years of integrated pharmacy and medical management experience, we take a total health care approach to supporting better health for members, and lowering total costs for you and your employees.

We have a long history of leading the PBM industry in innovative total cost management – from introducing the first 3-tier drug benefit to integrated clinical services and member support. Plus, our OptumRx Mail Service Pharmacy specializes in the delivery, clinical management and affordability of prescription medications and consumer health products.

Value-Based Benefit Management:
Drug tiering and management based on total health care value.

Synchronized Clinical Services:
Our synchronized information and programs create a clinical safety net for your employees with proactive identification and faster engagement to address gaps in care.

Specialty Pharmacy:
Our total care management approach to complex conditions increases adherence to critical therapies and lowers medical costs.

Engaging Members:
We surround your employees with simplified resources 24/7, and reach out to them proactively to support better health care decisions.

We offer one of the country's strongest retail pharmacy networks, ensuring your employees get nationwide access to care when they need it. And, our OptumRx Mail Service PharmacyTM offers savings, convenience and quality with industry-leading satisfaction. See how mail service works.

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